Our Mission

We provide educators with the practical tools, curated resources and expert support they need. By pairing people-centric technology with compassionate care, we unlock the superpowers of educators to deliver human-centric, inclusive and engaged education experiences With the highest impact on learner success.

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Technology purpose built to optimize the educator experience.

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Faculty Concierge

Learning specialists delivering 24/7 care for your educators.

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Design Services

Experts in learning & design that expand your capacity & capabilities.

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Uplift the learning experience. Uplift the learning experience. Uplift the learning experience.

Faculty Concierge

Meet educators where they are. Whenever they need it.

Stuck between rising learner expectations and limited resources, educators remain increasingly unsupported and isolated. This leaves over 55% of Faculty feeling that they don’t have enough time to effectively teach. Faculty Concierge is our response to this reality.

Faculty Concierge is a 24/7 virtual service that pairs faculty with the  expert care and specialized resources they need, just when they need them most. We are experts at engaging educators and partnering with them in the important work of teaching and learning. And, we are proactive–not just willing to wait until they reach out to us.

We sit side-by-side with your existing team to help increase their capacity to support the campus effectively while ensuring your educators are continuously supported at every stage of the teaching workflow. Simply put, our Concierge team is here to help unlock the joy in teaching.

Design Services

Expert teaching & learning design for the modern environment.

We’re not just talking about Instructional Design… but that’s not a bad place to start, as we did. With over 30 years of experience partnering with educators to design learning solutions, our team of expert designers are specialized in the capabilities you need to successfully create great learning experiences for the modern landscape.

First and foremost, we get that the needs of your educators are not generic. We partner exactly the right design specialists with your educators to develop learning experiences that meet  your quality standards, delight your learners, and bring joy to your educators responsible for delivery.

What we don't do!

Deliver generic one-size fits all specializedsupport.That combines learning design, media production, QA, accessibility, LMS production, and project management into a seamless experience.

Propose Unrealistic solutions for with transparent pricing that fit yourfor learningwith transparent pricing that fit your community, budgets, and standards of quality.

Make the experience an added burdenun to your educator community.by intgrating into their teaching experience.

Strain your time and budgets with endless change orders and unpredictable expensesDeliver insights and support to help you configure the right resources with predictable costs that meet your needs and solve your problems in real time.

Force you into a box, our box.Partner with you to develop teaching & learning experiences that are uniquely yours.

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The educator engine.

Meet Curie. our educator Time Machine that helps make the magic of learning tangible. Over the last two years we’ve partnered with hundreds of educators to develop a technology solution that makes it easy for faculty to manage their entire teaching experience while being supported with the care they need to be successful.

We’ve done this by focusing on the time your educators are already spending on teaching and developing learning experiences and creating a dedicated environment to optimize that time.

Curie. provides a centralized workspace for faculty to create and revisit their portfolios of teaching activities. We provide users with just-in-time, personalized selections of “teaching optimizers”–interactive resources that save time in developing a humanized, inclusive and engaged learning experience.

Curie. is also the perfect companion tool for your leadership and support team.  We make it easy to simplify the workflow for access and use of your institutional resources and practices by integrating them into our system and community engagement models.

As our core platform, Curie. underpins all of our educator services.  Faculty that work with us in Concierge and in our design work have full access to the many tools, collections and resources available in the platform.  They are able to easily share their profiles and portfolio items, enabling them to collaborate with others in the Curie. community.