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ChatGPT In Higher Education: A New Frontier

On Demand

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a massive disruption to higher education. Join us for an active exploration of ChatGPT and AI with an emphasis on implications for education.

In this session, you will receive an overview of these new technology developments, participate in an interactive demonstration, and be exposed to how this technology is currently being used at all levels of higher education. You will never look at writing or idea generation the same.

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Meet Alchemy!

On Demand

We’re launching our next chapter! Be among the first to learn about our new venture and how we plan to unlock the power of educators.

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On the Road: ASU+GSV Summit 2023

APRIL 17-19, 2023

Our team will be on-site in San Diego for this annual conference. ASU+GSV 2023 is throwing out the old maps to discover a new world where “being different” means being part of the global innovation community and changing the world for good – a BRAVE NEW WORLD!

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Leveraging Engagement for Addressing Educator Burnout

APRIL 20, 2023 at 4pm CT

Presented in partnership with Online Learning Consortium as part of OLC Innovate 2023

According to a recent study by Alchemy (FKA O’Donnell Learn), 50% of faculty express feeling burnt out. In this session, we will dive into this topic (i.e. burnout) and explore the potentialities of engagement as both a mechanism to explore educator burnout, and also a tool to address it.

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