Delivering Excellence: Ensuring Consistency in Digital Learning Experiences

Carrie O'Donnell, CEO, Alchemy
Session Moderator

Nearly every institution of higher education has ventured into the world of online learning since 2020. The benefits of continuing to provide digital learning experiences to meet the evolving needs of today’s students are clear.


But here’s the key question:

How can you guarantee that your online courses not only meet but exceed the quality and consistency that your students rightfully expect from your institution? 

We recently hosted a discussion with two academic leaders who are answering this question at their institutions: Evan Sliberman, Ed.D. Interim University Executive Director, CUNY Online, City University of New York, and Tom Cavanagh, Vice Provost for Digital Learning, University of Central Florida. Evan and Tom discussed the strategies they’ve been employing (and their lessons learned!) as they work toward ensuring that every course their institution offers online is a truly effective, inclusive, and high-quality digital learning experience. Their insights are helpful not only toward maintaining institutional reputation, but also in driving quality at scale, ultimately improving access and student retention. 

Watch the video of the conversation and gain invaluable knowledge and inspiration from those who are leading the charge. 

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