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We empower educators to be at their best.

We’re on a mission to provide educators with the practical tools, curated resources, and expert support they need to be at their best while saving time and creating the highest impact on learner success.

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Humanized, Inclusive, and Engaged

Leveraging our Purposeful learning FrameworkTM we make it easy for educators to teach and develop learning experiences that put people at the center and engage their learners with inclusivity at the forefront.

Meet educators where they are

Our personalized approach is dedicated to meeting the educators where they are to help them achieve their teaching goals. We save educators time by leveraging our technology (that’s Curie.) and specialized support to make their teaching workflows more efficient and effective.

Committed to care

People are the key to unlocking great learning. All people deserve to be cared for, so we always approach the educator’s experience with empathy to deliver the level of care they deserve.

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Faculty Concierge

Learning specialists delivering 24/7 care for your educators.


Technology purpose built to optimize the educator experience.

Design Services

Experts in learning & design that expand your capacity & capabilities.

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POSTED 03.03.2023

Learning Designer

Alchemy is seeking contract, remote Learning Designers with experience working directly with faculty to develop their courses online.

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POSTED 03.03.2023

Course Builder

Alchemy is seeking course builders to implement content into Learning Management Systems (LMS). We build hundreds of courses each year, and we train to retain the right people.

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