Meet Curie. The Educator Engine. 

Engaging students is increasingly challenging.
Students coming in less prepared = more work on your overflowing plate.
New technologies like AI may be helpful but feel overwhelming.

Enter Curie, your teaching ally. Curie was purpose-built to help you navigate the challenges of modern teaching. There’s no technology or course design principles to learn. We do that all for you. Just sign in and let Curie be your guide.

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Create Engaging Learning Activities Effortlessly

  • Answer prompts to provide learning objectives and simple assignment criteria
  • Optional assist from Generative AI
  • Curie generates detailed assignment, grading suggestions and implementation guide.

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Get Help Getting Started

  • Answer simple questions about your course and goals
  • Curie will provide suggested active learning approaches to meet your goals
  • Use a Teaching Optimizer to easily generate the suggested activity
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Save Time Designing Grading Rubrics

  • Answer simple prompts to provide details about the assignment
  • Define criteria values and achievement levels (with optional assist from AI)
  • Generate a draft grading rubric in less than 20 minutes 

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